Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Lock down stage 3

Lock down stage 3

Well, May and June have come and gone and all I have to show for them is the completion of the replacement bridge over Gnome Valley Gorge . The first bridge finally gave out last Easter, and as it was only build about 12 years ago I thought it time to make alterations.
The gorge was thought to be a little large so it was reshaped and a new support system was created. As the old bridge was constructed in ply wood and pine the new one is built using hard wood supported on plastic sheet.

So here we are now, some 6 weeks later and finally managed to get the bridge in place. Got track down temperately so as to check clearance and running.
 It was thought Logs would be suitable for edging the bridge thus producing a safety rail.
 These logs where fixed in position with chain. ( Surplus left overs from my secondary hobby, Jewelry making )
 Looks OK to me and that's all that counts.
 So there you have it, The new bridge just waiting for the next train.

  The track inspection crew have finally pasted the bridge open for traffic.

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