Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Bridge Day 7

Bridge Day 7

Well I started today by fitting bridge into position and  finally fastening it down.Then a start was made on the tedious job of track laying, and of course making sure the bridge did indeed work as planned.

The next thing was to build in a fail-safe dead area in front of the open bridge to prevent valuable locos and rolling stock from plummeting to the ground when the bridge is in the open position.

With this done it was time to test run some trains and see if every thing was indeed running right as this has not been done since last December when the accident happened that made all this effort needed. So what's next, well I think it's time to spring clean, repair and renew items to try and revitalize the Gnome Valley Railway as it has, for reasons of bad health and lack of enthusiasm been left, forgot and neglected for well over 6 years now.

                      So here goes  

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