Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Bridge Day 4

 Day 4 Started out OK, the wife went out shopping so I thought a hours or so working on the bridge would go down well, so into the workshop I trundled armed with my trusty little radio and a large cup of tea. A start was made and all went well for a time as you can see.

But then for some unknown reason, I don't know if it's old age, stupidity or perhaps complaisance But I made the mother of all mistakes, the sort of thing a kid in school would make I fixed the last 4 to the wrong side of the line.

So after a bit of self discipline ( and some swearing )  and another cup of tea I proceeded to drill out the rivets and replace the posts in the right place.
We are now ready I think to make a start on the side railings. I have decided to use 2 mm wire rope, but as yet I have not worked out how to butt joint the ends together

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