Saturday, 21 March 2020

Bridge Day 5

Having some free time owing to lock down I pottered about in the shed this morning. My problem was how to thread 2 mm wire rope through 2.5 mm holes to form the safety rail on the new bridge.

After considerable head scratching I came up with the following. A good covering of superglue over about a inch of the end and when dried cut off the end to form a nice clean end.

I tried several methods to cut the end and finally came up with my Dremel fitted with a thin cut off disc.

Now I set too and threaded the wire through the pre-drilled holes starting at the bottom row and from the middle. Now of course come's the next problem, how to butt join the ends


Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Bridge Day 4

 Day 4 Started out OK, the wife went out shopping so I thought a hours or so working on the bridge would go down well, so into the workshop I trundled armed with my trusty little radio and a large cup of tea. A start was made and all went well for a time as you can see.

But then for some unknown reason, I don't know if it's old age, stupidity or perhaps complaisance But I made the mother of all mistakes, the sort of thing a kid in school would make I fixed the last 4 to the wrong side of the line.

So after a bit of self discipline ( and some swearing )  and another cup of tea I proceeded to drill out the rivets and replace the posts in the right place.
We are now ready I think to make a start on the side railings. I have decided to use 2 mm wire rope, but as yet I have not worked out how to butt joint the ends together

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Bridge Day 3

Got round to having another go. So it's time for the hand rail posts to be fitted. After calculating, measuring and marking out a start was made on cutting and preparing the necessary number of posts. then after filling everything up it was time to move on to the drop drill. So a small jig was put together to enable all the holes to match accurately. It was at this point I made another jig to drill the holes needed later for the wire safety rail I intent to use.

It was starting to look something like a bridge now so I thought it was time to take it out to see what it looked like in place.


Not looking too bad so back to the workshop to start the other side,     

  Another day.