Saturday, 22 February 2020

Bridging the gap

Well here we are, after finally getting all the materials and helpful advice together it's time to make a start, this gap must be filled

The decision to build my own came about when I found out that Michael at MVL Bridges was at present not taking more orders as he has a backlog, and as I now need to get on and complete what was a rather hefty bit of repair work ( bought on I think over quite a lengthy time since it was erected, some 12 years I think ). On studying MVL Bridges website I found that all the materials needed were available from them. So looking at the photos on the website and making several adjustments for size etc I produced a cutting list.
          Lo and behold following a couple of fast responses to e-mail's it was priced up and dispatched and was here by the end of the week.
 Also Michael was extremely helpful with advice on nuts and bolts, riveting etc. So when all the tools and materials were got together with the measurements and sketch I had made it was time to make a start..


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