Thursday, 16 January 2020

Modelling made simple.

As I am not an in depth or indeed a detailed modeler, I look for the simple and quick way to producing what I need. So, when it became time to construct the main station for Barrowbridge on the Gnome Valley Railway a search round in the material store in my workshop uncovered several off cuts of once used 1” thick blue high-density foam, and 2 decent sized pieces of 10mm twin wall poly carbonate. Following some thought an idea started to take shape. So, armed with no drawing or indeed much else I made a start construction jig saw fashion, and this is what I came up with.

Playing about with this high-density board, a hacksaw blade and UHU Por glue for expanded polystyrene foam I started to put together a basic shell. 

Doors and windows are the products of Jackson’s Miniatures recessed and glued in place. Before fitting in place, the whole structure was given several coats of paint, which I made by mixing a small quantity of kiln dried sand with cream coloured exterior masonry paint.

This sand was left over from when we had the drive block paved, so came in handy. Now it’s on to the roof, this is basically two sheets of 10mm twin wall clear sheeting. Again, this was left over from repaired made last year to the green house.


The two sides of the roof were fastened together by shaping a length of timber to the correct angle and securing with hidden recessed long screws and loads of No Nails.

 The barge boards are made from hardwood strip secured by recessed screws inserted into hardwood plugs glued into several recesses in the twin wall sheet    
Exterior masonry paint was again used to finish the roof

So, there you have it, you don’t have to be that skilled to produce acceptable looking buildings for your railway

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